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Banks are tough to please, everyone knows. As clients, even more so. But then again, they have to be. Banks are very complex institutions built around hardwired knotty regulation and the mighty power of money. Yet, and maybe more than most businesses, they live on customer trust. Image-wise, each action needs to strike the perfect balance and align with the current institutional discourse.

Banks need to be glossy mobile-friendly smiley creatures always a swipe away, but also need to hint of a rock-solid foundation, experient staff that executes like clockwork, and a formal, accommodating attitude. Banks need to carefully tailor every message they convey to cast the right shadow and shine the right light on whoever is watching.

So, naturally, anniversaries are important. They are the perfect opportunity to reconcile the future and the past in one big celebration.

A first-class venue

The Four Seasons Hotel at Riyadh’s Kingdom Tower is one of the most sought after venues in Saudi Arabia. The hotel’s Kingdom Ballroom is a 4000 m2 space, an opulent hall with textured walls, richly woven carpets, magnificent cristal chandeliers and high-speed internet access. The right place to throw a banquet for 2000 diners, full pomp.

Four Seasons Hotel's Kingdom Ballroom - Kingdom Tower, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel)

An eye-catching set

Our mission was to open the 38th anniversary celebration with a scenographic video-mapping.

We first scripted the piece. We started by drafting several ideas in tight collaboration with the client. We simply iterated each one of them back and forth until we both felt we had a strong concept and an interesting story to tell.

The final script promised very much to capture that futuristic-yet-well-grounded message we wanted. Now, we had to flesh it out, visually. We wanted to be able to close our eyes and see the whole thing without effort, to be able to make sure every second would be worth watching, all before we even begin production.

So we moved to storyboarding it end-to-end, and from there to design the scenography. We came up with one idea that worked really well as 3D canvas but also it made for a fantastic stage. A 22 meter wide, 7 meter tall, 5 meter deep structure, assembled with hundreds of 50x50cm white plaster cubes, stacked to form the back wall and ornaments. It was a real eye-catcher, a fantastic set for the whole event.

The show

We produced an exciting 4 minute-long piece and several shorter and lower toned animation segments for decorative and incidental purposes that were triggered in-sync with real action on stage, during the 4-hour event.

It was a memorable night, check the reel above and the pictures below!

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