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It took 79 years for this show to happen

In 1937, the McDonald brothers opened a hot dog stand in Arcadia, California. At the time, Riyadh had just become the capital of Saudi Arabia. It had a population of about 30k, no airport , no university, no railway system.

Half a century goes by.

It’s 1993 and the first McDonald’s restaurant opens its doors in Saudi Arabia, with a 100% Halal menu and four scheduled shut downs a day for prayers.

Skip to 2016, almost a quarter of a century later.

Riyadh is now a busy metropolis of about 6 million people: skyscrapers, palaces, stadiums and universities have transformed the erstwhile walled citadel.

McDonald’s has done well too. It’s now the second private employer in the world with about 2 million employees serving around 68 million meals every day. Riyadh is on a very short list of cities where the chain begins testing its new “Create Your Taste” concept.

It’s a delicate maneuver for the multinational giant and it hints of a more profound changes to come. A bold move for a franchise that essentially profits from inexpensive fast food.

It’s been a vertiginous ride for both.

Rocking the boat

So once again we fly to Arabia to put on a big show. Ibercover has produced quite a few in this country by now, Skybridge elevator digital window and Saudi Investment Bank 38 anniversary Gala, among others. We are the principal european studio specialized in technology-driven spectacles on the Arabian Kingdom.

But there is something very special about this one, something that makes us proud and honored. It is going to be a hefty display like people of Riyadh have never seen… and it’s going to be in the open!

Spatial augmented reality and loud music are something Arabian citizens are not used to experience. Their culture passionately objects public displays of any kind and authorities usually disfavor such events. In other words, Ibercover had the immense pleasure to produce the first public video mapping show in Arabia Saudi. And we did it grand style.

The VIP sandwich video-mapping extravaganza

The event, assisted by several personalities from Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Dubai was a milestone occasion for the Arabian people with a significance stretching far beyond burgers (or 3D projections for that matter).

The theme was obviously the Create Your Taste initiative and gourmet experience.

The script was co-written by Ibercover and McDonald’s communication department around the idea of a customizable burger made of prime and fresh ingredients, brought to your table fresh and hot. Quite a departure from the restaurant’s long-established blueprint.

The animation, projected on the facade of a McDonald’s restaurant, showcases the customization process that happens at the kiosks, highlighting over and over the high-grade fresh, quality ingredients “from the farm to your bun”.

The action unfolds through smooth transformations and some pretty convoluted contraptions to the rhythm of an original score, composed by Ibercover, under rigorous scrutiny from Micky D’s comms people.

The interior of the restaurant was re-decorated to look and feel like a real farm, with clusters of real fruits and vegetables hanging from the walls while large LCD screens focused on enticing extreme close ups of a carefully crafted elaboration process.



Designed, directed and produced by Ibercover Studio

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