The Interactive Virtual Book

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Instantly engaging with the feel of the natural

The interactive book is a massively engaging presentational device that produces truly elegant experiences for users in a wide range of situations, regardless of the type of content being served.

Users can flip through virtual pages as easily as they would turn real paper pages, consuming all kinds of content in an instinctive fashion. Crisp text, colorful images, sound clips and video playback all become extensions of the universal experience of reading an actual book.

An integrated micro computer mounted on a transparent acrylic base controls a high-precision camera that tracks user actions and gestures. The book pages shine through a convex screen producing a very realistic book design and allowing for a natural and intuitive interaction.

Interactive books are always an instant hit with the public as they are very effective devices and yet take up very little space. They are ideal content delivery platforms for trade shows, fairs, museums, hotels, events and information points of any kind.

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