The Poetics of Freedom

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Gothic Armadillo

Cuenca’s cathedral is a unique place. It is considered to be the first gothic church of Castile and one of first ones in Spain. An ancient being with many faces, a fantastic blend of elements from which a timeless temper arises.

Along with Notre Dame de Paris, it belongs to a very early breed of gothic churches. Building began in 1196, when Romanesque was still the prevailing style and thus many such elements remain in its DNA.

Some 300 years later upon the Discovery of America, a series of sculptures representing animals of the New World such as armadillos and turtles, were added to the gothic arches expanding further its eclectic all-out attitude.

Inside, a stunning Transparent raised along an ambulatory illuminates the altar and beyond. Light deflected by stained glass bounces around the nave, slashing the dense gothic twilight in an oneiric glow that lures you in as you cross the narthex.

It is a deeply inspiring, peaceful and eloquent place that truly invites one to thought and reflection. Perfect for what was about to happen.

In an unprecedented move, the Cuenca Cathedral, the main temple of the city and headquarters of the conquense dioceses, becomes a big stage of contemporary art.

The Poetics of Freedom

From Cervantes to Ai Weiwei, freedom is the backbone. Freedom to think, act and move. Freedom to live life. This is the cornerstone of the show. This is a single set of artists from very different times and places, for whom there are no boundaries between artistic or literary expression and personal attitude itself, a concept that is embodied in a contemporary and highly aesthetic exhibition design.


To understand the fundamental physics of cervantino universe, one must inevitably think of captivity and freedom. These are the essence of his work. Characters, author and readers ride across the Channel in search of the highest ideals, an everlasting reflection on society through justice, tolerance, courage, irony and dream.

Ai WeiWei

S.A.C.R.E.D. is about Weiwei’s life experiences, realistic and yet deeply lyrical, he reveals to the viewer the most painful and intimate moments of captivity in China, underscoring the relentless attack many have suffered all over the world.

Ibercover on freedom

It is a massive responsibility to design and execute the grand finale for an event like this. Endings are important. Conclusions set the mood we take away and will prompt re-thinking and give rise to the desire to form an opinion, to grok all we’ve taken in… or not.

We decided our job was to blow everyone’s mind. Create a time-stopping experience that wiped out tumult, stop blinking altogether and prepare our souls for the long walk along the corridors of the mind.

Everything that needed to be said had already being said by the artists. The blunt outcry was airborne. We just needed to make room for critical thought to occur. Nothing more, nothing less.

And so we did. We produced a 15-minute 3D Mapping show on the gothic facade of this beautiful, intimidating church. We twisted and stretched and chopped and blown and pulverized reality, over and over again, only to carve a new one that looked just alike, but for all of those present that night, will never be the same.

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