Almagro International Festival

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A one-of-a-kind cultural event

The Almagro International Festival of Classical Theatre is arguably the most important festival dedicated to sixteenth and seventeenth centuries theatre, worldwide.

It takes place throughout the month of July at about 20 different venues around the monumental town of Almagro, in Castile-La Mancha, Spain.

Although the Festival emerged around the Spanish Golden Age, and was traditionally dedicated to baroque spanish theatre mainly, it has become more and more international and broad in scope. Today its programme expands from Elizabethan theatre, French Neoclassical and the Spanish Golden Age, to traditional oriental literature transposed in forms such as Noh theatre or Kaubuki.

The Festival is still a place for performance, but also a meeting hub for specialists in Baroque theatre, teachers, critics, directors, actors, producers, stage designers, playwrights, specialized journalists, technicians and managers.

So… big gig. And the hot spanish estival sun shining right above us.

A year like no other

But 2016 was no random year, it marked the 400th anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes death. So as the entire country and particularly Castile went into a year-long celebration mode, we decided to pay our tribute to Spain’s most famous bard in grand style.

3D Mapping, theatre and performance

When we were commissioned with producing a 3D Mapping show for a one-time projection on the facade of the Almagro town hall building, we went for a radical idea.

We decided early on that no depiction of such extraordinary circumstances would be complete without incorporating the very people of Almagro into the show. The way we saw it, they were the real hosts of this unique cultural event, opening the doors of their historic town theaters, squares and churches, year after year, since 1978, to welcome art lovers from all around the globe. They are the heir of Don Quixote’s free spirited genius and caretakers of this phenomenal carnival of theatre.

So we did precisely that, we invited a Yolanda, a young woman born and raised in Almagro, to be part of the show and perform in the name of all fellow almagrans. And she did it beautifully.

The result is an astonishing spectacle that blends all these forces together with a beautiful music score and perfect sound design. For a moment, light and sound abducted and transformed the facade of the Ayuntamiento building, and the night around us, before thousands of unblinking eyes.



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