Ibercover Studio creates digital immersive experiences through video mapping, virtual reality, augmented reality and AV installations. If you are interested on these technologies, contact us. We are ready to collaborate.

We work with lighting and sound design, with images and technology. Art and science playing together to produce immersive and inspiring, truly unforgettable, experiences. We’re out to create powerful, time-stopping, mind-bending experiences that audiences will take home, talk about and remember. Tell us about you and your idea, describe the show you dreamed, ask questions, comment our work or say hi.

We have worked for some pretty first-class names, and better yet, with plenty of highly talented people around the world. We’re mighty proud of every single one of these…

Tell us about you and your idea, the show you dreamed, ask the questions, comment our work, say hi.

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Collective hallucination through light and sound